I wanted to write a short post on this subject because of the seriousness.   I was talking to a police officer and I asked him what are the chances of a meth addict to come clean.  He stated that statistically 10 % chance.   Meth destroys families, friends and even brothers and sisters.  It not only rots away the body but it destroys the soul.   What is the answer to the problem?  I don’t know what it is.  Meth can be made out of so many household products, for instance: rat poison, bleach,sudafed and sometimes whatever they can get their hands on.  I think laws should be stricter on these addicts because they loose their hope and dignity.  They loose their will to live.   God is our master and Lord not anything on this earth.  We all need to pray hard for families that are suffering because of this addiction.  Pray and hope for the children who are in these homes at the time of drug use.   This drug can enter any home no one is excluded.  Pray, watch and do not let your guard down parents. God Bless