Our bad habits tend to get in our way of living our Christian life.   I have a friend his father had just died and he really felt horrible about it.  His father died of lung cancer.  His dad was a good man but he smoked.    Those that smoke just have to have that cigarette, it controls them.   This friend of mine, after telling how it is hard to see his dad suffer,  went outside and lit a cigarette himself.   He said,”I need to quit”.    Smoking is not the only bad habit out there.   Drinking excessively, chewing tobacco and the destruction of drugs.  Drugs will do terrible things to a person and their family.   One must pray for the grace to overcome these bad habits.   Bad habits will cause you to loose your dignity and perhaps your life.  Get a hobby or find something healthy that will help with your cravings.  Self-Mastery is the key to control.   Do not let your bad habits control you.  May God bless you in overcoming your bad habits and creating a new life in you.