Jesus is the the light of the world, “Let your light shine”.    Do you let your light shine?  Many of us face the issue on a daily basis.  Do we stand up for our faith or do we blend in with others to get along?   This is an important question for all of us, especially in the dark world we are living in.   Our faith must be strong today to fight for the Christian beliefs that others try and take from us.  God is real and if we do not repent and become onward Christian soldiers we will just become like the world.  The evils of the world will devour us and take over our families if we sit back and do nothing.  We are all called to evangelize.  We should pray for wisdom and knowledge to do His will.  “Let My will be done”, not our will be done.   Let your light shine for Him and be a daily example in the home, at work at all times focused on Him.  Jesus is the light of the world.Fatima Center 005



                                                                                                                             Our Lady Of Fatima

                                                                                                              Fatima Family Center, Hanceville, AL.