“Leave your Father and Mother and Cling to Your Husband”……    New married couples do not understand the commitment of the marriage covenant.   God created man and women to be united as one in the marital covenant.   I have heard of women having the most difficulty in the new marriage adjustment.   When dating it is all love and sweet but when they commit to getting married sometimes after a couple of months they start having problems.   Real life happens to them and they have trouble adjusting.   Not only this real life that consists of bills, in differences and disagreements but also the understanding of the role of the man and women in the home.  

       What is the role?   The man as head protector, provider and the women as the heart of the home.   This has not been taught for some years now and it attributes to a 60% divorce rate and a lot of unhappiness.   It brings the society down with broken families and broken hearts.   Many women think that being a mother these days is a lower job so they want to work outside the home because of pride and financial reasons.    A man becomes lesser of a man because of this.  He feels that he is not providing and being that man.  Let’s face it, some men are duds but it is not completely there fault.   Live your role and blessings will flow.