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Cling To Your Husband


    “Leave your Father and Mother and Cling to Your Husband”……    New married couples do not understand the commitment of the marriage covenant.   God created man and women to be united as one in the marital covenant.   I have heard of women having the most difficulty in the new marriage adjustment.   When dating it is all love and sweet but when they commit to getting married sometimes after a couple of months they start having problems.   Real life happens to them and they have trouble adjusting.   Not only this real life that consists of bills, in differences and disagreements but also the understanding of the role of the man and women in the home.  

       What is the role?   The man as head protector, provider and the women as the heart of the home.   This has not been taught for some years now and it attributes to a 60% divorce rate and a lot of unhappiness.   It brings the society down with broken families and broken hearts.   Many women think that being a mother these days is a lower job so they want to work outside the home because of pride and financial reasons.    A man becomes lesser of a man because of this.  He feels that he is not providing and being that man.  Let’s face it, some men are duds but it is not completely there fault.   Live your role and blessings will flow.

Author: John C. Preiss

I write articles on Catholicism and family, child training and formation for the international magazine, "Immaculate Heart Messenger". I am also the editor. I am the President of the Fatima Family Apostolate international Inc. An organization dedicated to the sanctification of the family. The headquaters of the Apostolate is located at the new Fatima Family Center in Hanceville, AL.

2 thoughts on “Cling To Your Husband

  1. It’s interesting how Scripture is often approached with an interpretation already in the mind of the reader, so that Scripture is then misquoted to rationalise that pre-existing ‘understanding’. Men have been doing this for millenia.
    Genesis 2.24 actually reads: “Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh.”
    Note that the man clings to his wife rather than the woman clinging to her husband. Both Jesus and St Paul refer to this verse, but their focus is on the last part, about becoming ‘one flesh’.
    Interestingly enough the Hebrew word for clings (or ‘cleaves unto’, or ‘attaches to’ depending on your Bible version) is the same word used in Deuteronomy 4.4 and 10.20, and Joshua 23.8, eg “hold fast to the Lord your God”, ie cling to the Lord your God.

    I consider this to be an interesting challenge to centuries of interpretation which keep on misreading Genesis 2.24 as Therefore a woman leaves her father and mother and clings to her husband – which is what I was always taught, until I recently set this aside and actually looked at the words.

    This has given me a fresh perspective on how the husband/wife roles might work more effectively. A lot of it is about having a different attitude rather than worrying about who does the dishes. Eg people think that the husband has to control the family finances, and that it is somehow demasculating for him to hand his money over to his wife.

    But if we look at the Proverbs 31.10-31 description of the truly capable woman (as a wife), she is only able to achieve this with her husband’s income. So if the husband follows the injunction in Proverbs 31.11 “The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain” – it says it all.
    A husband can honour his wife and show his trust in, and commitment to, his wife, by handing his income over to her. She is then empowered to be the kind of wife whose husband will be respected (Prov 31.23). This can’t happen when brides and grooms are taught that she must cling to him – but it can happen when they are taught that God intended that he should cling to her.

    • Hi,
      Some good points here but what you are saying is actually the new norm in society unlike years ago when the husband controlled the financial situation of the family. I agree at times and in some cases the wife can do the budget and write the checks but to let her fend on her own and stress out on how to make ends meet each month and getting fustrated. After this fustration begins it passes on to the children and to the husband because a women is more emotional than a man a man can let things go easier. So in the best interest of the family, I would say that the husband should be over the finances and the wife can help. Thanks for your comments.God Bless.JP

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