Parents, you love your children, right? What if I told you I could take them away for you for 8 hours a day, feed them, occasionally provide them medical care, separate them from siblings. I will keep them away from you and their grandparents and other relatives. I will put them in conditions that you will have no control over and fill their heads with whatever ideas I feel they should have. I might offer them “psychological counseling” if they display certain behaviors. Their schedules will be controlled by bells & buzzers. Their activities will be monitored. They will need to relieve themselves at scheduled intervals or else they will need to seek my special permission. I will not honor your religion nor your political beliefs. In fact, if I find them offensive, I will instruct your children against them. I – a “trusted expert” – may also choose to mock holders of your views in front of your children. I will teach them they descended from monkeys and that it is okay to have “two mommies”. I will teach them that it’s their job to be focused on memorizing facts & on getting ahead rather than on the needs of others. I may distribute contraceptives to them and teach them openly about the most intimate relations. You will not be allowed to opt them out. I will make them associate with a pool of selected youngsters (e.g. those of the same age & of either sex with all manner of beliefs). I will teach them “disconnected facts” and “re-written history” of my choosing. I will make it so they feel they need to be taught by others rather than acquiring knowledge on their own. I will train them to think that learning can only occur at scheduled times and in classrooms rather than spontaneously anywhere. I will direct them to think like the mass population using rewards and punishments. I will keep them imprisoned indoors even on the most beautiful of days. I will restrict their liberty to explore the natural environment around them. I will provide them access to the Internet without your control. I will encourage forced – rather than natural – associations among students. I will allow their peers to laugh at them, mock them, pressure them about what to wear and how to think. Appearances will be more important than substance and hedonism will be heavily promoted. Your children will almost certainly develop a taste for rock music that they will bring home with them. I will teach them what I think they should know, regardless of their natural abilities, aptitude, or interest. I will control nearly every moment of their day, however I will provide them some opportunity for rest, including providing opportunities for them to touch & kiss each other away from your gaze. I will force them to read certain books and to engage in physical athletics of my choosing and wear various clothes that I pick out. I will make them compete against each other for a “prize”. Those who don’t do well (based on my criteria, which is often subjective) will be “marked” for the rest of their lives. It will effect their self-esteem and their future ability to support their family. And there will be no appeal. I will not allow you to have any say regarding anyone I solicit to help me teach them. I will not tailor my approach to the individual needs of the child, nor will I allow them to miss more than a certain number of days of my instruction. I will force you to get them immunized at my discretion. I will also force you to spend money buying things that I say they need. I will praise your child not for their kindness or virtue, but for how well he or she can complete an activity or problem that I put in front of them. Mean, less-virtuous children who have good memories will fare far better than kind, virtuous children with lesser memories. I will do my best to ensure that your influence does not affect them too much by using reinforcement, “experts”, conditioning, and by taking their time away from you by engaging your children in various activities. I may even provide them the opportunity to obtain drugs – some of which I may give them myself – and I may allow their safety to be repeatedly put at risk. When I am finally done with them, they will be dependent, rather than self-sufficient. They will be consumer-oriented rather than family & community oriented. They will be masters in p.c. (“political correctness”) while ignorant in all matters religious. They will be self-centered and ambitious with little regard for others. They will judge based on appearances rather than truths. They will be more “educated”, but will know less than their grandparents did. For all this, you and your neighbors will be charged huge sums of money. So, will you let me have them? Would you think someone else was crazy for allowing me to have their children for this? What if the government forced you to send your children to me? What if the police showed up on your door and took them away from you and brought them to me? Would that be okay with you?

– – –

Well, as unpleasant as the above sounds, if you send your children to public (or even private) schools you may be allowing much or all of the above. And you probably think it’s the “natural” thing to do. But it’s NOT.

It is not natural to split up families and send the children to institutions run by the state for education. Compulsory institutionalized schooling is NOT natural. Worse, it’s gravely harmful.

Empirical data shows that the results of government education are worse than ever. The costs are also are higher than ever. More disturbing, the state educational system is doing serious damage to children, families, and communities – and even more importantly, souls.

Also, it’s unnecessary. In the past, many people were self-educated. They learned what they needed to know in the community (e.g. from mentors) and from their elders (e.g. mothers, fathers, grandparents, older siblings). Some argue that an even higher amount of the people in the past were literate than today. They also claim that what takes years to teach in public schools used to only take hours to learn.

It’s a huge government-run institution designed to remove children from their families (in some areas it was accomplished only at gunpoint) and control their thinking. It is financed – in enormously unnecessary sums – on the backs of hardworking Americans.

So what’s the solution? Each family should return to the normal and natural means of educating their children – teaching them themselves, within their home & with help from certain members of community (that they choose). Remember that in the past when there was no formal schooling, the people were generally better educated in the basics and could better take care of themselves and their families. They had critical thinking skills and weren’t dependent upon the government. They noticed and cared about the needs of others. Further, children weren’t conditioned to immorality, possibly leading to their eternal ruin.

Parents must remember that THEY have the primary responsibility & duty to educate their own children. This is not the duty of the state. The state does not love your children, you do. And you know what’s best for them. The Church teaches that it is the parents, not the state, who bear the responsibility for the proper education of children. In practice, the results have shown that homeschooling children outperform state-educated children. Also, they are safer, have closer families, are less self-centered, and are better equipped to deal with challenges. They are also undeniably in a better position spiritually if they have been homeschooled by good Catholic parents.

– – –

Homeschool your children or send them to me. Your choice.