I find myself being selfish at times. Yet, after having children my selfishness has faded.  From a Christian perspective, we should do for others and deny self.  The world is  a dark place sometimes with the constant fight for life. Also, for the lack of couples not wanting to have children.   Not wanting to have children creates a void and this void is filled with selfishness.   I want this, I want that.   Materialism is at the center of many peoples hearts.  God will judge us on our thoughts and actions.  Selfishness is a part of all of us and we must fight it in order to live a balanced life.  It is not wrong to want some things for ourselves.  We all have desires and are passionate in different areas.  The line often quoted is so true, “When we give, we will receive”.   Give your life meaning by doing for others, your family, friends spouse or a stranger and it will bring you a happiness that you can not explain.