We often blame the devil for all are sins and mishaps.   Yes the devil is the cause of evil and he is like a roaring lion trying to devour souls.   One point I would like to make is that we often let the devil into our lives by opening the door.  Once you let the devil in then you can blame him for destruction.  We all have a free will to do whatever we want, God and the devil cannot control our free will, we do.  If  we let God in we receive graces to do His will.  If we let the devil in we will live a life of sin.   We have the free will to lie,steal,cheat watch pornography, murder etc.  Once the sin is brought on by us the door opens for the devil to play on our weaknesses.   The devil doesn’t make you do it, so be careful and don’t invite him in.   Pray to your guardian Angel.