The modernist thinks of the pleasures of this life and getting that great job, big house and nice car and even owning a second house on the lake.   They only think of the moment they are in and grasp to find pleasure in it.  I was talking to an old friend by phone and the guilt of his un-Christian life started to take a toll.   What is our purpose in life?  We often forget.  I am in real estate and owning a lake house and having a high-paying job does not make you a bad person or an atheist.   We should pursue financial stability and use our resources to help others.  I know a man that does well financially who will give a poor stranger 100.00 without thinking about it.   We should use our blessings to help others.   You do not have to give your 10% to the Church it is given to God.  The true purpose of this life is to get to heaven.  Also, to help our wives and children to get to heaven.   We should start by focusing on the needs of others rather than self.