Women want a man of steel and velvet.   “Man of Steel in Velvet” is a book that was written some years ago and many religions use it for pre-marital counseling.   A man needs to be the protector and provider and if does not become this, his wife will and she will develop into a more masculine person.   I was watching an episode of, “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” , Kate walks around barking orders at everyone, while Jon sits with his tail between his legs.  In this situation Kate thinks she needs to take over the leadership of the home because she feels Jon is not capable.  If you want to mess up your marriage quick, treat your husband like he is worthless.  On the defense of Kate, Jon needs to step up to the plate and be a man.  Men rely too much on there toys in the garage to satisfy them.  When this happens it builds a defense in the relationship and the whole family suffers.  Women want their man to be with them, to appreciate them and to show them love when needed.  Many men just get caught up in sex and forget about the long walks they used to take when they were dating.   What about a romantic meal or surprise delivery of flowers.   Men no what your women wants and your marriage will be good.  In scriptures God has placed the man over the women, yet today the society puts the women over the man.  Live the life God intends and He will bless you.   A great book for women is called, “Created to BE His Helpmeet”.  This book has helped many marriages and is available at: http://www.nogreaterjoy.org. GOD BLESS ALL