Everyone suffers not just you.   Suffering is a part of life that we inherited from Adam and Eve.  One may suffer physically or one may suffer mentally.  God does not cause our suffering, we cause our suffering.   In order to overcome suffering we can offer our petitions to God in prayer.  If you are Catholic you can offer your sufferings up for the poor souls in purgatory.  God gives us the grace if we are living according to His will to overcome and deal with our sufferings.   If we lack faith then our suffering will be greater because a person can not deal with suffering alone.  God is love but  a just God.   All sins committed come with suffering because when we sin we get out of the realm of grace and this is when suffering comes about.  If you are dealing with suffering, pray often and without ceasing.  A short prayer that works for me is, “Jesus I Trust in You”. God Bless.