The monasteries of old evangelized the faith they brought renewal to the Church.     Today in our society the renewal will have to come from lay people or lay apostolates.   One person can make a difference in life.   If you feel this is untrue than look at the lives of the saints.  Mother Teresa of Calcutta what an amazing story and life, the many starving souls she touched.   I think about Mother Angelica and the present day evangelizing through EWTN.  A crippled nun with no business knowledge or money.  So many amazing stories and examples of individuals that went beyond being Catholic, they lived it daily.  We are all called to live the faith daily and to trust in the Lord to guide us in our journey.  We are all called to be Holy and to live in the fullness of faith.  Pray, persevere and act out the road of evangelizing. God is calling you, will you answer His call?