Fatima Center 010    

Above:  Father Robert J. Fox- Founder of the Fatima Family Apostolate International and John C Preiss-President of the Fatima Family Apostolate International at the new Headquarters in Hanceville AL. on Father Fox’s 55 Anniversary of ordination as a Priest.


Lay people are encouraged to become soldiers for Christ.  How are you personally going to help with this mission.  The society is getting unpredictable and the devil has affected many families and individuals.  In order to promote Christianity and the True Church(Catholicism) we need leaders.  A leader can accomplish way more than a follower.  Men need to stand up and find the leader within and promote the faith and be a salesman for Christ.  One should volunteer or start there own apostolate to bring people back to true Christian principles, to promote Church teachings and to evangelize.  Start by brainstorming your ideas and thoughts.  One person may be out going and be able to confront and share with people.  Another person may be timid but just because you are timid or shy, this does not mean you can not evangelize.  You can pass out a audio or pamphlet or stuff Catholic literature in your bill payments.  Put out information at your Parish Church.  Be creative and get to work, dedicate yourself to saving souls and educating those who need it the most.  Kindness speaks louder than words. God Bless