It is often said, “Our example speaks louder than words”.   This is so true, it seems it is elevated when we have children of our own.  Are you a different person at work ?    Are you afraid to be proud of your faith in public?  Do you pray in public before you eat a meal at a restaurant?   If not then one must examine his or her thoughts and really dig deep into their heart and find Christ in their daily life.   Many people today only believe in God on Sunday and this is so detrimental to growth as a Christian.  With this mentality one could easily loose their faith.  We are all called to evangelize the faith.   This evangelization should be seen by others in our daily lives.  Christ should be the focus of our daily lives.  When we wake up in the morning we should call upon God in prayer, and when we retire to sleep at night we should call upon God in prayer.   If one does not become an example of Christ in there daily lives can they be called a Christian?   God is love, Christianity is love, yet love is more than saying I love you it is radiating Christ in our daily life.  “Examples Speak Louder Than Words”.