The man in the home is not only the physical head of the home he is the spiritual head of the home.  Many men have relinquished this role and leave the pressures of finances and faith to the wife.  A wife may think that there husband is not capable of being the leader in the home even though this is biblically correct.  The wife should try and let him lead and be this masculine leader in the home.  So many couples look back in wonder why marriages are not lasting and the divorce rate has doubled.  It is because of the confusion of roles in the home.  This confusion also leads to homosexual children and unhappy marriages by these children.  A husband and wife are to work together, no one said marriage is easy especially with the devil prowling around like a roaring lion waiting for the opportunity to grasp your souls and infiltrate your thoughts.   Pray often, pray often.  Marriage is between Man, Woman and God.