The 2009 Official Catholic Directory has released new statistics on the Catholic population. The directory shows that there are 68.1 million Catholics in the United States, an increase of about one million from the previous year which maintains Catholics as 22 percent of the U.S. population. The directory, also known as the Kenedy Directory, reports that there are 41,489 diocesan and religious order priests, 60,715 religious sisters, 4,905 religious brothers and 16,935 permanent deacons. In 2008 there were 887,145 infant baptisms, 42,629 adult baptisms, and 81,775 baptized Christians who entered full communion with the Church. The Kenedy Directory lists 18,674 parishes, including 91 new parishes, and 189 seminaries with 4,973 students. Over 722,000 students are in high school religious education programs, while over three million are in elementary school religious ed. There are 6,133 Catholic elementary schools and 1.6 million students. The country’s 1,341 Catholic high schools educate over 674,000 students, while 234 Catholic colleges and universities serve, over 795,000 students. U.S. Catholic hospitals number 562 and serve almost 85.3 million patients, while 3009 Catholic social service centers assist 27.2 million people annually. According to a press release from the U.S. bishops’ conference, Catholic organizations in the United States provide an estimated $28.2 billion in services through institutions represented by the Catholic Health Association ($5.7 billion), Catholic Charities USA ($3.5 billion), and the National Catholic Education Association ($19.8 billion). These figures do not include assistance provided through parishes and other organizations such as the Knights of Columbus. Comments: 7 Imprimir Incrementar tamaño de fuente Disminuir tamaño de fuente Subscriber comments: Published by: Victor R. Claveau, MJ Angels Camp, CA, USA 05/06/2009 12:10 PM EST Rate: Very Good The number of adult baptisms and those entering into full communion with the Church are shameful. This equates to one new adult member for every 547 Catholics. The Catechism (1816) tells us that evangelization is necessary for salvation and yet most Catholics do not even attempt to win souls for Christ. We Catholics have the truth and have hidden it under the bushel for far too long. Most evangelization efforts are directed toward keeping Catholics Catholic. While most Americans identify themselves as Christians, the majority do not have any religious affiliation. While most bishops speak about evangelization, few have any organized programs directed toward the unchurched or lapsed Catholics. I cannot help but wonder how many of the parishes that were closed last year, would have remained open through vigorous evangelization efforts. When will Church leaders recognize that their primary responsibilities are evangelization, proper catechesis, and providing the sacraments. Everything else is secondary.