Our attitude molds our character.  The high achievers in life are more likely to have a positive attitude.  In today’s society it is easy for on to get down and to fall in a rut.  We as a nation are currently in financial struggles, traditional family life is attacked and innocent babies are killed each day(4,000 to be exact).  As a Christian we should strive to make America Christian.  Too many people focus on themselves and not the love of neighbor.  To love one’s neighbor is to not just to help them in a physical or financial way, but to share the faith with them.  Why are Christians and conservative Christians so afraid sometimes to share the faith?  It might be the old syndrome of ,”Your O.K., I am O.K.”.  This is not Christianity, this is not love.  Many parents can not even be strong when there children live in sin.   They play dumb as if the problem does not exist.  This is called false compassion.  If you want to know more about false compassion go to this website:  www.christianfamilyoutreach.com.  They have a pamphlet you can download or get for free.   God is Love. God Love You.