As we look into the midst of our society one can only wonder what will happen next.  The abortionist are still working and the Pro-lifer’s are still fighting for life.  The values of Americans have decreased so much.  It seems that new married couples cohabited before marriage and their parents fear to tell them anything.  What has happened to a Country that allows innocent babies to be murdered? What type of Country continues to push there sexual agenda on young people? What kind of Country has a extremely high divorce rate and does not value the Sacrament of marriage?  What kind of Country allows Homosexual marriages and open gay couples?  This Country, the United States of America, the, “One Nation Under God”.  Today  many have trouble finding Christ .  It won’t be long till He may be knocking on our door asking us, “What have you done for Me and My Church?”  Think about it and do not be silent and fight, fight and fight some more.  Just a thought.