Recently I have been reading articles about manhood and thus I have learned that men are starting to reclaim there role in the home.  The feminist movement has destroyed the essence of man.  If we really look back into the past we can see the destruction of what a man is and should be.  The man is the guide, provider and protector of his family.  Many of our men today have been stripped of these duties by their wives.  The wives are not letting the husbands lead in the family.  This is not only disobedience to the husband but it also causes disobedience in the children.  The husband is supposed to be in the image of Christ.  Who is Christ? He is the protector, guide, provider,disciplinarian. 

     Now ladies you may think I am crazy or you may agree.  This teaching is in the Bible.  Some of you may have a loser for a husband and you may think, I do not want him in charge of the family.  Your husband may not be the leader that you want, or you may not want to pass the control on to him because of your selfishness.  Happiness is doing God’s Will and His Will involves man to be the head of his family.