“Francis” Bearing the `Wound Marks’ Died

“Francis” subject of the book, A Man Called Francis which Fr. Robert J. Fox wrote of the life of a man who for years has had the wounds marks in his hands died Jan. 3, 2009 at 3 PM CST. He was 83. Many people were healed suddenly, many were converted to the Church, or returned to the faith when Francis prayed over them. I met Francis on several occasions and help form two healing services.  At these healing services he would pray over thousands of people. The first time he prayed over me, I could smell perfume or roses it was  very distinct.  “Francis” was a humble man and did not promote his gift, he used it to bring people back to the Catholic faith and many were healed. For more information see the book A Man Called Francis go to www.fatimafamily.org.