What are we fighting for?  We are fighting for the value of life. We are fighting for traditional families.  As a Catholic we are fighting to preserve the authentic teachings of Catholicism.   America has spoken and elected a liberal candidate for President.  I hope he has a conversion in his beliefs against the value of life.  He has a I am OK you are OK mentality.  He is a classical politician with suave of the tongue.  Now, it will be what he does in these four years that matters most.  Many people of all religions have come up with the idea that the world is at its end.  In response to this, I have to say to them to do what you have to do keep fighting for Christianity and live the life of Christ.  As long as you are doing the best you can and are controlling the issues in life that you can control stop worrying about the things you and I have no control over.  God Bless everyone.