The holidays are approaching and the best way to appreciate them is with family.  Do we really know what family life is?  Today, the divorce rate is at around 60% and what I have noticed lately is that more young people are living together instead of entering in a Sacramental marriage.  How can a situation were two young people living together be blessed by God.  It can not be, they are not living in the state of grace they are living in mortal sin.  I am in the home rental business and I see this so often.  One would think that the lower class society would be the only ones doing this yet at my surprise daughters of doctors and lawyers are doing it also.  As a society we have lost the sense of sin.   Many claim to sin no more and if they are living in sin they see nothing wrong with it.  This destroys a society and kills the souls of the people.  The general society with Hollywood and the media see nothing wrong with living in sin and living like an animal.  We need a change and it and this starts with the family.  This family consists of a man and a wife and children.  Wake up and evangelize.  Save the Family. God Bless.