One person may think that voting Democrat will end the financial crisis.  I don’t think so, what will end the financial crisis is honesty and self-control and people in general need to be financially held accountable for the bills that are theirs.  We can not vote with this mentality we have to vote with our moral measuring stick.  Barrack Obama and his lack of experience is not the one to get us out of this financial situation.  We have to get ourselves out and be responsible Americans. 

     Obama supports Abortion and if voted in part of our Country will be gone.  More illegal immigrants and legalization of Homosexual marriages.  Remember, we are a Christian country and we need to act like one and vote like one.  McCain has the experience and knowledge to get this country back on the right track. He has to be given a chance.  Don’t let this “Financial Crisis” change your vote.  Obama was talking about at the debate that this is the worst the economy has been since the great depression.  If you know someone that lived during this time they would refer to him as a liar. We have food, people are still spending money. Pull that dusty history book or encyclopedia off the shelf and you will see we are not even near the Great Depression. Vote for life. God Bless