What has happened to the family today?  If you look around the room you notice that lives are falling apart and it sad to say that many do not realize it is happening.  Read your local newspaper or watch the news.  The world is in pretty bad shape. 

     In order to overcome this, parents need to take hold of the family and develop a relationship amongst its members.  If the world is going to be a better place then we have to start one family at a time.  We have to go back to our roots of traditional family life.  God has to be a vital part of the family.  Parents need to be open to successful families and obtain material that will better the family.  Parents need to be interested in the ways to eternal life and not the ways of this world.  Our life is short and time will pass so start today and take back your children or spouse from the world.  Grow in your love for God and avoid the sins that plague society and a happiness in the home will return.  Take hold today.