By John Preiss

      Do something for God, anything to share the faith with others.  Many feel that they do not have the capability to share their faith with others.  They feel that they do not have anything to offer.   We all can make a difference in this world if we just do a little.  A person can pass out free literature, tapes Cd’s on the faith.  Their are several companies that will give you bulk material to pass out and help educate people.  I was talking with a man the other day and he said people should be happy in what they are doing and should not try and do other things, the world is telling them that they can be great until there dreams disappear and then emotional problems occur and they resort to drugs and alcohol. This is partly true, we have to realize what our potential may be invite God into the plan and become a disciple.  One person can really make a difference, start today in your life and spread the faith to others.  As Christians we are all called to be His disciples.





 This is me, John Preiss at birthday party for son  Brenden (2).