By John Preiss

     To be a good husband and Father I realize the great need to be attentive and to watch closely to the details of family.  Sometimes it takes a great humility and the desire to be successful becomes a struggle that does not end for some.  Humility, patience and perseverance is essential. Yet, when dealing with children, love with a firm and straight path is essential also.  Being a father is not an easy task.  It takes time and dedication to be a good one.  Today, many fathers are not spending adequate time with their children and the children grow up not having a loving father.  If this happens, the father will defend himself by saying he was to busy working and providing for the family.  This may be true but it is a shallow father who does not take time out of each day to play with his children or hold them with love.  We have to be a counter-cultural family today in order to preserve authentic Christian family life. 

     In my family my wife wears dresses and my little girl wears dresses no matter the occasion because we want to practice modesty.  I wear work clothes at work never short pants.  When we go out in the evening I usually wear slacks and nice button down dress shirt.  Why do I do this?  Because I want to dress with dignity. Today,  many men wear shorts and a ball-cap and their wife may be dressed nice and the husband looks as though he has no dignity about him.  It is important for husbands to retain their dignity because if they do not the children will lose respect for them.  If there is a loss of respect for the husband and father in the home the family will most likely have problems. As parents we are responsible for our children.  Don’t follow the ways of the world. Develop a special atmosphere in your home and let the world follow you.