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Youngest Premature Baby Born 15 Ounces


Youngest premature baby born 15 ounces developing normally in Mexico


Shiryu Juárez Medina

.- Shiryu Juárez Medina was born on May 29 in Mexico City at 23 weeks, weighing 15 ounces. He overcame numerous obstacles and with the assistance of specialists and the love of his family he will leave the hospital in a few days, having become the youngest premature baby in the world.

According to the Mexican daily, Milenio, Berenice Medina Aguilar, 33, went to the emergency room on May 29 complaining that she was not feeling well.

Doctors performed a c-section on the pregnant woman and were able to stabilized little Shiryu.

Dr. Leonardo Cruz Reynoso, head of the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital said there was no doubt he was the youngest premature baby to survive in the world. 

“There is not a single case in the whole world of a baby boy surviving under these circumstances,” Cruz said, noting that premature babies do not have sufficiently developed organs to usually be able to survive.

Shiryu’ case is even more amazing because he has not shown any signs of neurological or vision problems, which are very common among premature babies.

“When a baby is born prematurely, usually he displays mental retardation or blindness as a consequence of the cerebral alterations that are experienced when the process of development is not completed. The levels of potassium and glucose are altered, there can be infection that raises the blood temperature, in summary, there are many things against the baby that lead to disabilities,” Cruz said.

Shiryu, whose name means “Knight dragon” in Japanese, will be released from the hospital this week. He is now 88 days old and weighs four and a half pounds.

His parents are anxious to have him at home, together with his sisters Ximena, 10, and Xiadan, 8. 

“This little boy is a miracle, after so little hope that we had for him.  This situation is an example of the great strength a baby can have and of everything that painstaking medical care can accomplish,” the mother said.

Author: John C. Preiss

I write articles on Catholicism and family, child training and formation for the international magazine, "Immaculate Heart Messenger". I am also the editor. I am the President of the Fatima Family Apostolate international Inc. An organization dedicated to the sanctification of the family. The headquaters of the Apostolate is located at the new Fatima Family Center in Hanceville, AL.

2 thoughts on “Youngest Premature Baby Born 15 Ounces

  1. Medical science is progressively enabling smaller and younger premature babies to survive all the time. The ‘age of viability’ that is spoken of by both pro-life and pro-abortion advocates is changing due to these medical advances.

    This is a wonderful and inspiring post, reminding us that human life is sacred and must be protected from conception onward! Thank you!


    p.s. Yours is one of the first Catholic blogs I’ve found on WordPress, so I wanted to take a look. I’m a Basilian novice hoping to become a priest. I hope you will visit my blog, too…

  2. Kelly Damron’s book Tiny Toes is a must read for everyone. We all know couples who struggle with infertility and the challenges surrounding this issue. A girlfriend of mine just had a preemie baby girl she named Faith Angelica.

    I hope this book finds you all well and helps out!

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