I recall the days of my youth when fall would arrive and deliver the aroma of the burning of fallen leaves.  The cooler mid-tempered weather, oh just sitting in the grass wondering were I would be playing next.  Our lives have become complicated and childhoods are changing with technology.  I am not against technology because it has done great things, yet it does have some negative consequences.  The Internet is a wonderful teaching and communication tool although pornography is easily accessed and causes corruption to the soul.  The invention of cell phones, wow great idea.  Sometimes with my business I would like to throw it in the nearest body of water because it won’t stop ringing.  The cell-phone has saved many lives.  The point of this article is to realize we have these tools we can use but don’t get over consumed with them because life will pass you by and you will look back and not remember those summer time fishing with friends or making trails in the woods to ride your bike on.  When you get a chance sit outside and just breathe in the air and watch your children play. Slow your world down and don’t move so fast.