The Father’s Role in Abortion

A fertilized human egg at the moment of conception is the opinion of the
creator that a human life at that instant must begin…..F. Zugibe.

In a recent newsletter I wrote of the magnificent relationship which is
possible between a father and daughter and how when damaged this leads to
such personality and life altering wounds.

This enormous damage done to the daughter (or son) is further difficult to
conceive when we know that from the very beginning the conceptus/child has
a dignity ascribed to him/her because she is a separate and different
human being from the mother or the father.  It is a creation in its own
right with its own brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and blood group
and may be of the gender like the mother or different like the father.

This damage done  to the newly conceived (abortion) is difficult to fathom
because studies of the earliest moments of conception have shown that the
amniotic sac which encloses the foetus is constructed and built by the
embryo itself from information/instruction which is encoded only in the
genetic material donated by the father (sperm).  These instructions lead
to the creation of a protective barrier around the conception; this
barrier protects the newly conceived child, otherwise the mother’s immune
system may see the conception as a foreign object and attempt to expel the
conception or as we would say, the baby.  The Father protects his child
from the instant of conception!!

The father’s genetic material has inscribed within it the information to
protect his offspring by actually setting in place the system to build the
barrier which will protect the child from the moment of its very
conception, and yet this very same father then takes that same child and
insists that the child he created and set into motion its protection, is
then humanly killed.  Why is this?  What has happened between the
inscribed mandate and outcome at abortion clinic? ( text in bold for

The genetic material of both mother and father create a whole new creation
with its own instructions for differentiation and development.  what
marvelous being is the human, and yet only the human person takes its
young to be destroyed whilst the mother sleeps and the father smokes or is
absent. How sad it is that the father who has an innate mandate to
engender and then protect his offspring today fails in this service.

Is this what Psalm 49 meant when god speaks “If a mother (or father)
forgets you, I will never forget you. I have carved you on the palm of my
hand”. Is the carving hidden in the imprint of the nail wounds?

Article by Anne Lastman in Broken Branches Issue 64 June/July 2008 pp1-2