In a previous article I wrote “God-given Roles of a Husband and Wife”.  It is on this website.  It should be titled “God-given Roles of the Wife in the Home”.  I do have an article coming out int the future on the “Role of Man In The Home”.  It is very interesting and can give some guidance to men that want to be the man and leader in the home.   Every organization has a leader, a President or someone to answer to.  This is the same in the home, the husband and wife are the same in being and dignity but they have separate roles in the home.  Many of the men today act like little boys, or come home slouch on the sofa drinking beers and barking out orders to his wife and kids.  This is not a healthy role of a husband.  The husband should provide for the family and the needs of his wife.  When the husband regains his dignity and becomes the leader in the home the home will flow more efficient.  There is more to come on this subject. God Bless