Would it then be true to say that feminism has failed?  By no means, for the advances in the way liberating woman from the restrictions which bound her in the nineteenth century were necessary.  Perhaps the best way of stating the verdict on feminism is that it was a complete misnomer.  It was concerned with establishing the fact that women were persons too, with all normal human rights.  But there was nothing feminine about it.  All it succeeded in doing was making women more equal competitors with men.  Consequently, its victories seem like so much dead sea fruit.  Woman is now a prey to frustration:  the frustration of the dilemma between work and home, the frustration of trying to make her way in a masculine civilization, the frustration of not having a fixed and secure place like she had in previous civilization.  Woman’s supreme need is a sense of security.  This cannot be obtained by a college degree, or by the ability to earn and spend her own money.  It is obtained by living her God given role as caretaker and by being the loving heart in the home.

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