Our world we face on a daily basis confronts us with many obstacles for obtaining holiness.  A person may struggle daily with a person at work.  It is hard to love a person who is not loving and aggravates you and one who offends your religion.  It is hard to face a daily cross that may not be a sin but something that we are addicted too.  For example, cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco and so on.  We may be faced with the difficulty of raising a large family and fear we are not guiding them properly.  A person may be faced with a chronic illness or even a terminal illness.  If you are faced with any of these situations offer it up to our Lord.  Depend upon His Will be done, not your will.  Pray and pray some more, go to confession often and Mass often too.  I know that when I have felt down or discouraged or need something I visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and I ask Him to help me and guide me.   The Church is full of so many beautiful saints, sacraments and devotions.  Offer your prayers and petitions to our Lord.  Throughout the day say this comforting prayer, “Jesus I trust in You”.  Peace and God Bless, strive and do God’s Will.