I wake up and check my facebook this morning to find my friend Andi has tagged me in this note: (by the way, this isn’t what my friend thinks, she was posting the ridiculousness of it, hope that was clear. Haha.)


First, read this: https://johnpreiss.wordpress.com/god-given-roles-of-husband-and-wife/I came across this because that blog linked to my webpage about unschooling. (or at least, my stats said so!)

This reminded me of a metaphysical fair I went to, where a Baptist group told me that I was sinning against God because my hair is short. “A woman with short hair, like yourself, is obviously over-sexualized and aggressive. We will pray for you, but more importantly, we’ll pray for your boyfriend. God bless him for trying to change you.” (which, by the way, is completely untrue. Davice has never once tried to change me. He thinks my short hair is cute!)
They went on to say, “And that’s why men have short hair. Because God wants men to show off their masculine beauty, but women need to be sheltered from the eyes of the unholy.”
Huh, guess Davice and I have it backwards – he has the long hair!

So this John Preiss guy talks about how sad and terrible it is that women’s lib has ruined women. That now women wear blue jeans and get jobs.

“Prepare girls to be homemakers, not Working Mothers.”

Okay, I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t wait to have a career. I can’t imagine NOT having one.

The divorce rate is extremely high. In some areas it is at least 60 %. What are the causes? Both husband and wife are working.
He goes on to say that if the kids had been at home with Mom, they wouldn’t be brats so Dad wouldn’t feel the need to go fishing or drink beer with the guys to escape. Nice of the Dads to escape instead of helping Mom raise the kids, huh?

There is pressure on young girls to attend college so they can have a career. If only parents would guide them in the preparation to be good wives, mothers and women with feminine and pure qualities which is the vocation for most women. Is a college education necessary to be a good wife and mother? [italics added]
Wow, you know, it’s terrible to be educated. Man, he’s right, I should cancel my fall semester right now! I never even realized that I’d be cheating my future family if I had a career too…. Sheesh.

The vocation of most women is motherhood. Guiding girls to prepare for a working career is harmful when attention should be given to prepare them to be full-time homemakers.
Actually, no it isn’t most women’s vocations. Most women love their outside jobs.

Man, it just has me all kinds of fired up. What do you think? Am I being too easily ruffled?


I was, royally pissed, to put it simply.

I can’t believe this guy. Seriously?

Look, if you want to stay and home, cook, clean, not work, raise your children, cool. Go for it. No one’s stopping you.

But don’t you DARE tell me I’m less of a women because I want to have a career. In fact, I don’t know if I even want to have children or get married.

Guess I’m sh*t at being a women. Maybe I should get a sex change. Well, that’s a sin too.. guess I’m SOL.

I don’t even see the point of arguing about it. What does what I do with my life effect you?F***k you. I’m not going to be a house wife/mother, point blank period. It won’t ever happen, that’s not what I want for myself. If you do, great, but it’s not me.

Bah. -grumbles-


     When a person is not living in their proper roles they become angry and bitter.  They attack the people who are trying to do God’s will.  I never said that it is a sin to work outside the home.  Actually my wife has a small business inside the home and she enjoys it and spends about 2 hours a day with it.  These little girls above are not living in a happy family life.  Parents need to be aware of this and spend loving time with your children.  To read the posts above brings sadness for the future of our young people. The posts above came from 16 to 18 year old girls, so sad.        JOHN PREISS