Strolling down the dirt roads near the chicken farm seems many moons from now.  Times have changed.  We have high speed Internet, cell-phones and so many more high-tech gadgets.  I can recall the days as a young boy riding bikes without shocks and being happy that I had a bike my older brother had put together from parts in a junk-yard.  The times we played tackle the man with ball and baseball with all of the neighborhood kids.  The memories are so fond and I would not trade them with the children growing up today.  The technological world has really changed a childhood.  Video games is the highlight of a young boy. The young girls listening to their I-Pods and talking on cell phones to anyone and everyone.  Their daylight is wasted away with every minute and they are not even aware of it.  Parents are not aware of it.  Mom thinks she has to work now and help provide.  What happened to simplicity?  Everyone with problems is either considered disabled or bipolar.  I do know that many people are really having these problems.  We never heard much about it until the last few years.  The pressures of making the most money and being successful in business and trying to raise a family has caused many to go over the edge.  I used to love the old days and I am only 34 years old so much has happened in 25 years.

     Let us all say a little prayer for our country and for the upcoming Presidential elections.  May God Bless and protect America.  Happy fourth.