One may love that concerned neighbor or that family member who continues to show concern for the problems of all people.  What is it one may ask?  Is it true concern for the well-being of another soul? Or is it gossip and talk that can be hurtful?  A person may call another person and tell them, “Oh, did you hear about Johnny he and his wife are fighting and just don’t get along, it is so horrible”. This incident may be true yet is there true loving, Christian concern in the person calling, or are they wanting to see someone have problems and give them news to spread about?  Many times people are genuinely concerned, but often they are not.  As Christians we should be concerned for our fellow man, our friends and family with love and try to help them if possible.  Their is an old saying,  when you are on top there is always someone trying to take you down.  A family could try and do everything possible to do the right things and someone will be there to try and find fault with them.  We have to be careful in our fault finding and make sure it is legitimate and make sure we are doing it for the greater good of a family.  Jealousy plays a big role in fault finding and this is when evil is introduced.  To maliciously make people look bad in the presence of others is evil.  To correct someone that is in error and not living in God’s will is a necessity.  As Christians we have to truly understand the difference and make sure we are correcting out of true love and true concern.  God knows what is in a persons heart and their true feelings for others. Gossip is a sin and to plan and manipulate others is a sin also.  Seek to share your faith with others, be honest and try to lift people up to heaven and not bring them down with false words and accusations.  Live the life of Christ.