If we are open to preserving life we are open to God and His will for creation.  In marital love, in the act of sexual intercourse we create the physical aspects of the child and God creates the soul.  As parents through our love and open heart we join God as procreator of the child.  It is the gift that comes from th mutual love of husband and wife.  Contraception is being open to nothing only to adhere to self gratification.  Its leads to many evils such as fornication, adultery, sterilization, abortion and the destruction  of traditional family life.  When a person uses contraceptives they are concerned only for there lustful feelings and not open to there marriage vows to bring children into the world.  The devil is out to destroy good people.  Contraception is one suttle way to destruction and to the ways of evil.  Contraception among married couples leads to infidelity and to the loss of family.  The divorce rate even among Christians is extremely high.  When a person uses contraceptives, no matter the method, and are not open to life they get tired of their partner and it opens the doors to adultery and fornication.  How can you teach the young people the evils of fornication when you practice the use of contraception.  It is a contradiction.  Several years ago I can remember high schools and colleges giving out condoms.  Do you understand the message they are sending?  That it is alright to engage in sexual intercourse outside of marriage.    This is a evil falsehood that is in our society and parents and pastors need to really be open and talk about the evils and dangers of pre-marital sex.  Marriage preparation classes should teach that the use of contraception is wrong. 

     This subject is so vast and much can be written.  This is only a very small segment behind the use of contraception.  Be open to life and to God’s Will in your marriages.  God Bless