Today young people are exposed to pornography and immorality through every channel of communications.  It is destroying their moral lives.  The widespread effects of this moral destruction is so obvious to all except to millions who have been desensitized by frequent exposure to the media.  Thus today we have much teenage promiscuity and pregnancy, the promotion of artificial contraception and abortion.  As Christians we are called to dress with modesty.

     Women should use common sense and take extra precautions when acquiring proper attire for various events.  In hot summer months women and girls can wear lighter clothing which is still modest.  When participating in recreational events they can wear something modest that pertains to a particular event.  Her choice of a swimsuit is extremely important.  Many bathing suits today are terribly immodest.  Even though it may be difficult to find modest clothing to wear, she should do whatever is necessary to dress modest.  Women and young girls should reflect seriously on proper dress and their moral obligation to refrain from wearing immodest clothing, less they offend our Lord and be the cause of near occasion of sin for others.

(Above Father Robert J. Fox Director and Founder of the Fatima Family Apostolate Quoting and article by John Preiss in his book titled, “Masculinity: The Gentle Man”.  This book is a must read for Men and Women)