Millions of babies are killed each year.  Do these Mothers understand what they are doing?  Do they realize the gravity of this sin?  I am writing because I have a passion for life and especially for babies.  My wife and I have three and we are expecting our fourth.  We understand the scriptures to read “be fruitful and multiply”.  When I see this beautiful mystery of conception and the growth from the nourishment of the mother,  words just can not explain it only God can.  We must consider the key point in the argument of abortion:  Is the small embryo or fetus a human being, or merely a piece of tissue, without being, life, or rights?  Those in favor of abortion think that it looks nonhuman and could not be a little baby.  This is their argument.  At conception it is a child, a doctor or an abortionist can call it what they  wish.  The subject of abortion is widespread throughout the world and there are so many good people protesting and fighting for the lives of these little innocent ones.  As Christians we all should fight for the right to life.  There is a need for more education. 

    The Presidential election is right around the corner and Sen. Barrack Obama is for abortion.  Please vote with your heart and your faith and pro-life.  As parents, we can not take any possessions to heaven except the souls of our children.  Save Babies vote pro-life and may God bless and reward you.