“By there fruits you shall know them”.  At times in life we are faced with situations that are beyond our control.  Sometimes you may talk to someone about God or about raising loving children and have all the information to give to them and you are willing to give it to them free.  To your surprise, they do not accept it.  Today, many people do not want answers they want to continue to live in a state of misery.  Mothers having large families want to be classified as martyrs. Fathers in the home act as if they still are teenagers and want to play sports, fish all the time and football becomes there god.  I will tell you this I love college football, sports and fish occasionally but we have to be balanced in life.  If you cannot teach someone anything and they do not care to listen then lead them by your example.  Be true to yourseleves and find the information you need to be successful parents and partners in life along this journey to the goal of salvation.  “Actions speak louder than words”.